Le Carnaval

Usually when I get pushed to go to the theme parks I always turn down, feeling that it's probably going to be boring and full of children. I'm sure its quite common for guys my age to think this way. So for the first time in the Philippines, after being forced by Laureen, we set course for Star City, Pasay

As soon as we step foot inside I saw all these mini stalls selling shoes, clothes and even fake guns thinking to myself "did we just walk into Greenhills?" Haha. Well I wasn't expecting the royal carpet entrance nevertheless, we weren't here for shopping, it was all about the thrills of the theme park rides! 

I don't really want to go into detail on everything (its something you really have to experience for yourself), but overall it was enjoyable and let me say; for 350pesos (all access rides) theres no doubt about it that you get your moneys worth. If your ever looking to do something spontaneous and fun, or even for a date, this is definitely the place to experience. 


  1. Hey Robbie! I hope you'd set up GFC so I can follow you!

  2. I have only been there once but didn't get to fully enjoy it kasi one hour lang binigay :( Next time! :D

    Almira :)

  3. Looks like you both enjoyed it very much :)

  4. is robbie off duty and lauren uy a couple? i just died! lovely pair if it is.. <3

  5. My favourite couple EVER! I hope you guys aren't over. I SHIP ROBBIE + LAUREEN= ROBeen