Skye High

I love sunny weather! But not when things get hot and sweaty haha. Well yesterday, my best friends Mark, Terence and JayJ had a shoot for a magazine (of which I cannot disclose as of yet), at the roof top of Skye Lounge by the Fort! Such a great place to shoot for a modern, outdoor furnished backdrop and I must say, it was probably the most fun i've had at a shoot in a long time.

Now when I was informed of the location of the shoot, I already knew of the place from personally dining in on several occasions. So I thought to myself that when I blog my outfit post, it would be cool if I wear bright colors in a way that im color-blocking, to show everyone that "its time to get your colors out for summer!" My red button-up shirt is the same Artisan shirt I wore at the carnival, but this time I decided to layer it with my stripped Topman t-shirt. My bright blue pants were purchased from Crossings (Glorietta) of which I only paid for 800p! And lastly i'm wearing a new pair of Vans I  recently bought that I tried to strategically match with the black and white Topman shirt. Please tell me what you think.

Mid-day sun tanning to try and get some color back.

Realized I must have spilt tomato ketchup on my shirt.


  1. Hi Robbie! I LOVE reading your Blog. So nice to have a man's point of view when it comes to fashion. Keep it up! Take Care!

    P.S. Love the colors of your outfit!


  2. so compatible with laureen. bagay na bagay ;) fashionista + fashionisto = very good couple
    doing great. keep your blog updated. nag aabang kami. :) btw, so love your sunnies. pengeee. :D

  3. when I was reading your description I was thinking it won't work out but you actually look very chic! It's quite rare to see a guy do the color blocking trend or do a latest fashion trend at all. You should start uploading your photos in your Lookbook account!