As indulging as it is shopping for new clothes, it’s always nice finding a store that's decoratively inviting, coupled with a warm welcome the moment you step foot inside. Strolling through the heart of Brisbane City in search for new threads, I had come across Dirtbox found in the Wintergarden shopping mall. Previously a few years ago they were located adjacent to Wintergarden but since relocating, the clothing store now cannot be missed. Standing out from other outlets, Dirtbox is one of the very selected distributors by in demand clothing brands that focus towards high-fashioned dapper streetwear. Definitely worth checking out. 

Stored Memories

Having the opportunity to take photos and upload my life adventures is one of the many reasons why I enjoy blogging. Even if I'm just keeping it simple and enjoying the moments with my friends, the blog is a life-long diary to one day look back on. While some people appreciate expressing their stories through words, I obviously enjoy fulfilling my adventure with the camera in one hand. And as we realize the worlds attention span is becoming shorter and shorter, photography is gaining its upper hand thanks to the help of modern technology. Hope you enjoy the shots.

Trench territory

As winter is coming to an end in Australia, discounted marked prices are starting to begin. From what was originally $200AUD, I picked this jacket for only $79 even though it's a size XL. However, lucky to be living in the Philippines, whatever I have managed to pick up cheap in Australia (no matter the size), theres always opportunity to get it tailored at a low price when I return back home. I particularly like the combination what I quickly put together as it was something different to what I normally wear. The somewhat hinterland look coupled with my attempted facial hair surely helps give a rugged look. Haha but enough talking, how awesome are these pics! Cheers Khai

Arvust trench coat, Industrie patterned button-down, Chinos from General Pants, Boxfresh desert boots

Whatever Wednesday

MYVU Shades 301 video glasses

Today's been a photographers dream for me thanks to my mate Noel for giving me the opportunity to borrow his Canon EOS 5d Mark III for the week. For those who may not have much of an idea what I'm talking about, basically the Mark 3 is one of or if not the most in-demand Canon digital camera, on a professional level. Along with the 5d is a Canon 24-70mm L Lens, so pretty much an awesome combination for taking photos of... Whatever. Anyway I'm still playing around with it but so far but these were some of the snaps I took inside my house.

Clear Mountain Road

Sometimes it takes travelling out to unusual places in order to find peace and tranquility. Driving through the inlands on the way back home after a days journey, I had unfortunately come across hectares of burnt rainforest. Damaging to witness, this was the result due to the incline of temperature throughout summer, taking years to rehabilitate.  Pulling over to the side of the road to check it out, I could clearly distinguish the sound of wildlife on one side of the road and silence on the other. But after taking a moment to take in and witness my surroundings, I came to my senses to embrace a different kind of scenery. Although the view wasn't really breathtaking, just chilling on the burnt tree stumps I felt comfortable enough to just sit, relax and just reflect... Which then followed the picture taking haha.

Desert Boots from Industrie Clothing, burgundy cotton chinos from Topman, button-down shirt from Original Penguin, glasses by SuperRetroFuture and New Era fedora hat from Activ.

Photos by Khai Van Kampen

E-Zine, Zalora

Just came across this video clip where I was featured along with a few friends for Zalora's online website. You may recognize some of the faces like Nathan Lane, Pauline Prieto and Jessica Chiao-Yang. I didn't even know the other guys were part of the shoot! Just tells you how cool videography is and what you can work with. The theme was London Calling, so they obviously wanted somewhat of a Harry Potter look alike! Well I thought I'm suppose to look like Peter Parker's Tobey Maguire according to everyone in the Philippines. Haha.

Phasing out

I'm not sure if it's just a phase that I'm going through or if it's the transition being in Australia but I've realized a lot since having time to reflect on my journey. As much as I've enjoyed blogging, it's given me the chance to re-kindle my experiences in the Philippines in an attempt to brush up on my writing skills, so I totally encourage it. I think to myself, had I not pushed myself to try a different lifestyle in the Philippines, I wouldn't be as cultured to try new things and see where it can take me. For instance, looking back on what I have achieved. If I didn't push myself into new fields such as photography, writing, modelling and acting I would probably be the same old average bloke from Australia living a normal life.

Outfit: Beige jacket unbranded, H&M pants, white arvust shirt, Topman shoes, Oroton wallet and Casio watch


Feeling like a tourist in my own city, I took the time to go check out new places in search for something different while trying to make the most of my time in Australia. Normally I wouldn't make the effort to hand in the central part of Brisbane unless I was passing by a friend's place but I was with Khai and we took the time to check out Brisbane's tourist hot-spot, Southbank. Located by the riverside where the Brisbane River intersects, we thought it would be nice to take a few snaps. The weather's unusual as normal not knowing if it's going to be hot or cold, so sticking with casual street wear seemed to be the best option.

Khaki pants from Zara, Topman backpack, Aldo accessories, Cheap Monday tee, Brixton cap, Canon 600D/Canon 50mm 1.4f and Canon 60d/Tamron 25-70mm 2.8f

Memory Lane

Here I am again back in the city reliving the high school days in the alleyway, exactly how it use to be in my last years of school. Back then we would all gather up on a Friday afternoon, kids from all-over different schools meeting together in the one area to hang out and relieve ourselves over a not-so-fun week at school. If it wasn't for the alleyway, I wouldn't have met all the people I know today especially my buddies Simone and Khai. I always thought to myself that I would never miss school as I was just so eager to graduate, but now I think about it the tables have turned. It just makes me realize that you have to make the most of it in life, no matter where you are. Because when you look back in time, you wanna have no regrets and say in simple words - "my life was awesome".

Photos by Khai Van Kampen

Thrifted Airforce button down, Cheap Monday pants, Kickers shoes, Axis watch, Obey black fedora, Arvust tee and shades by SuperRetroFuture

Majority of the clothes from GENERAL PANTS CO. They have an online store worth checking out with all of the latest Australian fashion trends found directly through their outlets.