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I was flicking back through my recent post ‘Shoe Fetish’ (haha love that title) and I felt compelled to look on the net for some more styles. One site that always gives me the in styles and brands is ASOS. They are a trendy online clothing boutique based in the United Kingdom. Simplicity is their game, and I feel they play it well, with no real edgy or avant garde articles available.

As I was running late for a shoot, my time was limited, so of course I reverted back to my old favourite, ASOS. The shoes on this post are only but a sample of what is available on their website. So one could only imagine what other styles I could find if time was not of the essence. Don’t forget my rule to try and sample before you buy, feel free to click on the photos for more information. We all have skeletons in our closets, let’s not surround them with ugly clothes and shoes. 

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