On Cosmic Ground

Theres no way to describe how amazing the night was in celebration of Bea Soriano's birthday. Deep and meaningful conversations flowed from the onset due to the intimacy of the occasion. Located on the roof deck with an amazing view of Makati City, we were also surrounded by mounds and mounds of beautiful gourmet food (sorry guys no Magnums on this occasion haha). One would think with all the endorsers being present that at least one Magnum ice cream would be available  haha.

Well anyway I don't want to keep you distracted from the photos. I hope you enjoy and feel somewhat of a vibe that I felt on the night.

Haha I just wanted to add in this picture, all these gadgets are owned by Tim Yap. I found it amusing and cool when he told me how his Iphone 4 is for Instagram, Blackberry for BBM, Samsung for his work and if all else fails, he's got the Globe Tattoo MyFi!! Myself on the other hand, I just own a Iphone 3G! Yes im old school representing!

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