Harrison Ford

Haha this is soo good. Even if you're not a Star Wars fan, you'll definitely get a laugh out of this

Making the effort yesterday to pass by Shangri La Plaza, I found time to drop by the one and only Trilogy Boutique. Well it's actually one of three stores, but I like to call it 'one and only' simply because this place is legit! If you're a guy like me who generally focus' on everyday street wear apparel, then you won't go wrong with this store. From Vans to Obey, all the way to independent brands such as G.P.P.R. they'll most certainly have something in stock tailored towards your liking. And if you're curious to indulge even more on the selected brands and styles, Trilogy Boutique Alabang is said to be a whole new level of an in-store showcase with its iconic skatepark built inside.

 Goofing around as usual haha.

I think I've found my next pair of Vans, what do you think?

Any more questions, feel free to contact me via facebook or even browse their store online via:

It's so cool!


Nothing feels worse than the cringe of having lack of sleep. I’m not sure if it’s just me still adjusting to the lifestyle of Manila, or it’s just me in general, but this week has been quite the struggle already. The fact that I’m keeping myself active is the most important thing. Haha I’ll admit it, I’m not the early morning type when it comes to waking up 7am to go to work, as I honestly find myself to be most productive and alert at night time. So for the first time when I made the effort to go to Jing Monis Salon in preparation for a long day, I was well and truly taken by surprised the moment I stepped foot on the MRT Train. It was trippy in a way. Everyone was well-dressed in their corporate attire, people flashing out their iPhone 5’s checking Instagram and I even counted more than a handful of foreigners using the train. I guess I just found it ironic that Manila is not only just a party town I took it to be when I first arrived.
Well believe it or not, I ended up having a great chat with my new friend Bryan who’s also captured in today’s post... Believe it or not, we’re both Australian-Filipinos from the same city back home, with the same mutual friends! So we definitely kicked it off pretty well. Bryan’s here till July so I’ll definitely make the effort to show him around help make the most of his time. The lucky guy's moving to the Fort so I’m looking forward to livin’ it up on his huge penthouse balcony from what I’ve envisioned through our conversation... Just shows you what surprises might come in store when you try something different. Lesson learnt.

Button down shirt from Industrie, green Zara chinos, Arvust scoop neck tee, Topman fedora and boots from Hudson UK.

Finally it feels great to be back in business. Since returning back to Manila work has been non stop for me, and I swear things pick up just as fast as this weather's picking up this season. Upon my arrival, I've been here working part-time for Jing Monis Salon as their graphic designer & I.T. coordinator while I continue with modeling and my endeavors to learn Tagalog. It's honestly been an awesome experience and for once I honestly know what it's like now to actually enjoy going to work. Hence the longboard... Ahh yes the infamous longboard has worked wonders for me getting by here in Manila as I'm the frustrated type when it comes to peak-hour traffic. So this is what I've been kitted-up in to cope with the mildly-warm temperatures - loose tee's, chino's and my wannabe trademark Comme Des Fuck Down snapback cap. Yeah I'll admit it's getting over-worn already but fuck, it's a dope hat. 

Dweeb shirt from Topman, blue Arvust chino's, Comme Des Fuck Down hat by Comme Des Gascon

Little did I know upon arriving back to Manila it was already Holy Week. Ahh yes, the one and only week where you would actually find the majority of Manila deserted, as everyones already embarking on their summer festivities. The first day back was also the very same for me, having booked my trip to Sipalay beach with the family led by main man and cousin, Jing Monis of Jing Monis Salon. With Jing in charge and leading the way, it was no surprise that it was going to turn out to be one of the best Holy Week vacations I've experienced so far. Here are some of the photos taken last Saturday night with my cousin and his friends.
The almighty Ces Cho  from South Korea. Now  this guy is definitely a character of his own. Never have I met anyone with a persona like his and finding the right way to describe him is a mystery of its own. If we all tallied the amount of alcohol we  consumed that night, it would  no doubt be Ces ranking in as number one. With this guy being thirty somethin', by the end of the  night, he was the one barfing and  crawling his way back to bed! Haha what an animal... And believe it or not, this guy has a native tongue for tagalog.