For what's  noted as my last  post in Australia, is  just the beginning for what's yet to come in Manila. Transiting
in Brunei International Airport upon waiting for the next flight, my mind's pacing at sixty frames a second as I'm 
finding myself  so eager to return back to Manila. Exciting as it may seem, I'm not there for the party, stuff that, 
I'm coming back to step up my game because I actually wanna make something of my life. I could say being back 
in Australia had felt like I was taking  two steps back but on the flip side, I've  never been so keen hunger driven 
to finish off what I've started. So keen.

Regatta short sleeve button down, Thrifted blue 70's style high cut zipper jacket, Seiko Nato strap, H&M Pants
and HUF 5-Panel weed cap.


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Another howling late night under the luminance of half shadowed moon, Khai and I found ourselves skating 
in the depths of Brisbanes most unique suburb of West end. Amongst the grit of this twisted area, stairs and 
walkways under dim lit bridges made for a great time to experiment with flash at night. Taken in in Black 
and White, a grainy finish creates the classical grunge feel to what already had become a eerie adventure, 
skating from the CBD, to the back streets of West End.

My photographers twisted mind going into overdrive...



IISE Natural Dye Collection

I've never seen such a detailed procedure of natural dye before… This shits legit! Why can't they shoot 
love-scenes this vividly in slow motion? 

Long Live B.A.P.E

AAPE by A Bathing Ape 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook


Welcome To the Jungle

As of lately, I’ve found myself meeting lots of new people in Australia and adventuring places I'd usually skip. This has truly opened my mind to new and exciting activities in which my camera and friend Khai, is always there to document. After hanging with some friends and playing Xbox, Khai had planned to take me to some deserted car parks downtown for downhill skateboarding, and I must a note that a 9 level car park with an elevator taking us all the way to the top made it all worth it when we came back down.

The eerie feeling of a desolate car park can really place upon you, and open your chain of thoughts with a surreal feel. As I skated down the dim lit empty car park with the wind effortlessly waving all my attire and hair, the mood was instantly set. A combination of mismatched fluro lights with a scent of grit, made for amazing lighting that neither of us had really utilized in the past.

Thrifted camo jacket, Topman skinny carrots, Boxfresh hightop kicks, Yeezy Taugh Me Tee Unkown

Khai Van Kampen

Thoughts Abroad

Beige has never really been a colour I've commonly worn. Really, up until last year I wouldn't have been caught wearing this entire outfit. It's not that I wouldn't have liked the outfit before, I just wouldn't have made the effort when I was living in Australia. I believe many guys relate to this simply because clothes are so darn expensive in Australia. Since living in the Philippines I've been blessed to have the opportunity to indulge in different tastes in style simply because the clothes are more affordable. 

This Jack London button-down I picked up really tops it off. And when you simply include an additional colour like my Topman rucksack, the maroon colour gives the outfit a great finishing touch. But hey I'm no style guru, I'll let you be the judge.

Having a few hours to kill, my friends and I spent the time wandering around New Farm. It was lucky to even have the opportunity to bask in the sunny skies with all this rain constantly coming and going. But I really like this shot of Frip and I pictured above, aside from a nice photo, it's not often we have the time to hang out.

Taken inside the book room of my mates house. A house of which was once originally a private hospital in the early 70's, had then been converted into an 8 bedroom mysterious fort overseeing the beautiful city of Brisbane.

Desert suede Sebago shoes, Topman trousers, Arvust plain tee, Jack London button-down and Seiko vintage leather strap watch.

Photos by Khai Van Kampen

Reminiscent Travel 香港

Definitely by far the most memorable overseas trip. I had been waiting for this very moment where I can utilize all the experience I taught myself in photography and be able to tell a story from what I've captured behind the lens. It was great to be able catch up with Khai who had been living there for the past year as we share the same interests in photography, but not just that, we also know how to get up to mischief. 

Hong Kong is an amazing place that will leave you in shock and awe if you take the time to go out and get lost in the streets. Just entering the airport and taking in such colossal architecture is overwhelming itself. A city thats so organized and developed makes you really appreciate why Hong Kong is such a progressive country. By all means, if I had the opportunity to live there, I would most definitely take it up in a heart beat.

When you take the time to escape from the touristic locations and spontaneously explore somewhere different, thats when you really get a feel for the city. And personally, thats the most memorable part of travelling when you give yourself no limitations.

Rooftop hopping in Mong Kock isn't something you would find on your travel itinerary. Having free access to the rooftops is truly something totally different to what you would find here in Australia. It was funny how on the way up to the rooftop access, some of the apartments had a <3 symbol which was really interesting yet mysterious in a way. No idea but I'm sure I can imagine something erotic on those lines haha.

The old man was insanely talented, he'd balance the dinner bowls on the tip of his toes and flick them up high in the air to catch them on his head.


Photos taken by both Khai Van Kampen and myself.

Unknown Whereabouts

Since arriving back to the Land Down Under, I've thankfully worked myself into a productive sleeping pattern, making the most use of my time when possible. I'm always happy to be back home in Brisbane, but at the same time I miss being in Manila where the city never sleeps. There's so many places to visit in Brisbane and when you have the time to explore, you'd be surprised what you can find.

Alternative way to stirring your coffee... Well done haha

Yesterday when Khai and I were passing through the central district, we found an abandon factory located near the top hill part of Margret St. It was insane to see this alleyway-esk hangout area by the rear of the factory which had been well exposed to graffiti artist and druggos to secretly hang out and mark their territory. What led us to hanging around there - I dont know, but we were curious to check out the building to see if we could access the rooftop for some scenic photography.

SM Accessories watch 

We tried to access a rooftop of an unknown building in Queen St, but shortly after I captured this photo, security staff had caught us and escorted us back down.

Haha definitely a Hogwarts feel, Broadway Mall is great to check out if you keen snoop around. I had no idea never bothered to check out the second level but it was surprising to see what kind of shops were located there. I didn't even know they had a cafe (closed at the time) there, that we were inclined to hang around to see if we could get served.

Boxfresh rope-up satchel bag, HUF 5-panel cap, AS Color burgundy oversized tee, Lee skinnies and  Boxfresh hightop shoes