Times Like These

Here I am waiting to be picked up to go Ayala Triangle with some friends to go eat at Banapple. Starting to feel the heat and all made me want to try for a different look: the Australian look. Us Aussies are more casual than the normal Filipino folk, we have a ‘she’ll be right’ (a commonly used Australian phrase) attitude. This in turn comes through in our style. Plus the weather down under doesn’t permit over dressing or layering.

Staying true to the ‘Aussie’ style I decided to wear some Vans, Cheap Monday skinny jeans and my Nana Judy singlet haha. I guarantee if you see anyone in the streets of Manila wearing something similar, they're most likely going to be Aussie. Funny enough, when I do see someone wearing something similar, I actually ask them and can you believe it, I'm always right!

Pants got dirty sitting on the walls.

My Cheap Monday's have gone through some wear 'n' tear


  1. Was able to see u last super sale bazaar wid @laureen uy ... Its good thing that u started ur own blog after the longest time of taking pictures of laureen for her blog... So ur the man behind her picture :) .... Goodluck !

  2. Kaye . . . = ^ - ^ =April 21, 2012 at 10:47 PM

    Great job on the photos!...loved it.

  3. super nice photos, Rob =) teofy ansok

  4. God ! so nice photos:)

  5. i really like this blog simply yet fashionable i should start wearing sandos with jeans!!