The Cosmo Hot Seat

Hey guys,

Very happy to announce that I got my first feature as a style blogger!  I never thought that i'd be the one getting featured haha! It's usually my friends that are being interviewed and i'd always be the one congratulating them, so this is very overwhelming for me as moments like these don't happen quite often back in Australia. 

I'll provide the link for you guys if you want to read the full article. They also have a few photos provided, photos from modeling jobs that I haven't really shared. So please check it out!

Full link

Basic Space

As soon as I woke up yesterday and looked out my window, I lost all motivation to get out of bed. I got a call from Laureen suggesting we'd catch up after her TV show, she mentioned that she wanted to go to Ortigas to shop for accessories (nothing new there haha), so I was definitely eager to do something. 

We entered Ortigas thirty minutes behind schedule and as usual, there was so much traffic that we decided to go to SM Megamall to check out some SM Accessories. As soon as we stepped inside, I just so happened to see myself along with other models on a print for SM Teens! I loved the photo and it was so dazzling that I wanted to take a picture of myself next to it to show you guys.

Towards the end of the day, we decided to go to Laureen's sister place to say hello and possibly run into some Magnums if we were lucky enough to find them. Yet again, it was peak hour traffic going there so I thought i'd play around with my camera and take a few pictures. Check it out!

Haha so this is Laureen's face when she's had enough of something. Classic!

Wish for Infinity

Photos by: Inday
Special thanks to Vince Uy & Jing Monis Salon

Shirt and fedora hat by Topman, green pants from Zara and suede shoes by ASOS 

An intimate celebration for Vice Ganda

Firstly before I get into things let me say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICE! Dinner was at 8:30pm, and as usual all the artistas arrived at unorthodox times, coming from shoots and meetings. I could very much tell that they were all tired at the time, so in-fairness, I give my hats off to them for making the extra effort for attending a last minute planned celebration. 

I was so hungry when I arrived that when I saw the buffet, my mouth completely dropped and my stomach coincidentally started mumbling. The first dinner station was sushi for me! I cannot emphasize how much of a sushi fanatic I am and one day, I plan to set up my own sushi restaurant. 

Towards the end of the night, Vice opened his presents and little did we know that afterwards there was another surprise birthday that Vice's close friends had organize. It was all the way in Quezon City, so we all had to beat him to the location!

The deserts were just simply indulging full of rich chocolate especially the chocolate fondue haha, oh wow i'm trying not to think about it right now. 

Isabelle Daza looking all soshal making her way to the second birthday. 

So we finally beat Vice to the second location at a Karaoke lounge where all of Vice's comedian friends got together. I swear, not even at one stage was there a point that no one was NOT laughing haha. It was hilarious, all the amount of talk that came out of people's mouths. 

Unfortunately I couldn't stay for long but looking at all the Twitter feeds the next day, I could tell everyone had a blast.

Skye High

I love sunny weather! But not when things get hot and sweaty haha. Well yesterday, my best friends Mark, Terence and JayJ had a shoot for a magazine (of which I cannot disclose as of yet), at the roof top of Skye Lounge by the Fort! Such a great place to shoot for a modern, outdoor furnished backdrop and I must say, it was probably the most fun i've had at a shoot in a long time.

Now when I was informed of the location of the shoot, I already knew of the place from personally dining in on several occasions. So I thought to myself that when I blog my outfit post, it would be cool if I wear bright colors in a way that im color-blocking, to show everyone that "its time to get your colors out for summer!" My red button-up shirt is the same Artisan shirt I wore at the carnival, but this time I decided to layer it with my stripped Topman t-shirt. My bright blue pants were purchased from Crossings (Glorietta) of which I only paid for 800p! And lastly i'm wearing a new pair of Vans I  recently bought that I tried to strategically match with the black and white Topman shirt. Please tell me what you think.

Mid-day sun tanning to try and get some color back.

Realized I must have spilt tomato ketchup on my shirt.

Backstage GMA

So yesterday I somehow managed to wake up really early in the morning, not knowing what my day might entail. It was only 10:30am where I got to a point that I was so bored on a Sunday morning that I had to call up my friends to see what they were doing.

The last week I've honestly lost count of the days so when I called up Frank Magalona to see what he was doing, he told me that he was on his way to Party P (GMA  television station). I then got to a point of excitement when the idea came to mind that I should blog about my friends backstage to show everyone what their getting up to before their performance. Kinda cool idea right? So I rushed to put on my clothes and made my way to GMA studios by Kamuning. It's just so lucky I live around that area.

By the way! These pics are taken from my brand new camera so I hope you like the photos. The only sad thing though is, I didn't realize I was shooting images on the lowest quality, output setting. So really, these images could have came out so much clearer. Sayang (what a waste). Oh well, maybe next week ill shoot them again.