Back to Back

Whilst the night was still young, I decided to make my way to Makati earlier than normal to Terence's place before making an appearance at Rajo Laurel's 'Rags2Riches' fashion event. It was Terence's birthday that so all of our close friends visited him in celebration through a small gathering before heading out. 

My three best mates Terence Lloyd, Mark McMahon and JayJ all live together in the same penthouse along with our cute Husky-breed friend, Silver. She's only 5 months old and she's already a solid and active, playful little thing. Haha whats funny is, Silver is also a MODEL. A pet model! 

So after celebrating over a few glasses with our friends, soon after, I made my way to Rajo's event. It was the opening night of Rajo Laurel's new bag collection for both men and women. I was really impressed on the rajo's design on the mens collection, especially his choice of colors. Well, haha its Rajo Laurel, we've all seen some great work from him already! 

The weather that day was what I would describe a teaser of what we have in store this upcoming summer. Just walking out side, I was already starting to feel the humidity. Im so sad haha, because im starting to realize that I won't be able to wear my blazers so much anymore. So I decided on going with a patterned button-up shirt from H&M, a pinstriped Navy blue vest with matching trousers I had purchased from a unknown store in Hong Kong. Tell me what you think!