En Route, Soriano

Today so far, i've spent the whole morning doing errands, going all the way to Makati City. I had to go to my modeling agency to fix up some details and say hello to a few friends. I had just got word that a good friend of mine will be celebrating his birthday this thursday at the Fort. Super excited! 

Well speaking of birthdays, today is the birthday celebration of another friend of mine, Bea Soriano. This i'm also excited for but at the same time im already kinda tired right now haha. I'm really looking forward to seeing my good friends Raymond Gutierrez, Carlos Concepcion, Nicole Anderson and many others, all to celebrate the birthday of our friend Bea. It's been a while since we've all caught up so quality chats are yet to happen. Stay tuned for my next blog post!! haha.

As you can see, today I chose to wear my orange Sahara shirt from Landmark that I had previously blogged about. It cost me 799pesos. I chose to pair it up with my green Zara pants and yet again, my favorite fedora hat by New Era. My two-tone shoes for today are from ASOS I had bought online. 

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