I'm Running Late

No I wasn't running late for something if thats what you thought while reading the title, but I bet you found it nice and cheesy though haha. So last night I went for a jog in U.P. Diliman (University of the Philippines) and just so lucky I had brought the camera because I thought to myself, I see so many photo-shoots there during the day yet, I bet you never see anyone shooting there at night? And really for me I appreciate UP at nighttime because the air is fresh, its nice and peaceful and lastly, the campus is beautiful to look at whilst jogging.

Handy fact: 1 Lap = 2.2km

This picture looks familiar... (Keep an eye for next post) 

Yes. Please, no parking on footpath

Corn after jogging?


  1. Wow. I don't see a lot of pictures of UP during the night. Those pics are so awesome. Makes me appreciate my campus more. :)

  2. Wow! Love the 3rd and 4th (to the last) pictures!
    The 3rd one, perfect for a horror movie poster.
    The 4th one, well, NARNIA! Philippine edition.Hehe.
    Great pics!