Style Icons

As I was browsing through my favorite blogs last night, it dawned on me that I should share some of my inspirations with you guys. The men featured in this post are some of the biggest style icons of our generation, constantly setting the standard of men’s street wear for all of us to aspire to.

A common theme among these men is their courage to go against the grain and sample new styles. Fashion is about experimenting, and these fine gentlemen definitely follow this to a 'T'. As you browse through these photos, hopefully you'll be able to familiarise with how these men put together their outfits. In particular pay attention to the garments they are wearing, how they wear them and finally, how they coordinate the color scheme to define a complimentary pattern. 


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  2. I admire artists like Kanye. Music and fashion should come hand-in-hand. The music should support the fashion. Fashion should empower the music. Just like a pair of legs. There is no way your right leg is more important than your left leg. They're both equally important.

  3. K-West: the definition of fashionable swag.