Sidewalk Shot

I guess I could have included a portrait picture of my face to finish off this outfit post, but then again the reason why they call it an 'outfit post' is obviously because the topic is about the outfit itself. Plus, I didn't want to come across as overly vain haha.

This photo was taken in Salcedo Village Park, and I'm actually surprised how nice the two pictures came out. I’m not really a fan of cardigans, but this H&M cardigan was too good to pass up! Plus, with this weather, it seemed like the perfect time.

The plain white shirt is from Landmark, by a local brand, Sahara (here’s to me supporting Filipino brands! ☺). I don’t find it necessary to splash out on overpriced white buttons ups, especially if I am going to wear them quite regularly. 

The shoes are from Zara, which is by far my favorite brand. Although you cant really see, the shoes are two tone, "which are so hot right now!" Haha had to put some Zoolander in for laughs.

Photo by Cholo Dela Vega

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  1. I love your style! Your officially one of my favorite bloggers now =)) I'll bet your blog will get popular soon. I also like the photos here especially those in "The Young & The Restless"

    Looking forward for more outfit post! ^^,