Supporting local brands

Guys I’ll be honest, I’m at the stage in my life where, if I like something, I’ll just go ahead and buy it. BUT like everyone else, I have to save up. So the other day I decided to travel to the local shopping malls and boutiques to do some window shopping, and also to try some clothes on. The goal: to get some inspiration on what is ‘in’ and what’s not, and not get roped into buying something I truly do not like.

I believe that ‘sampling’ clothes and being more patient will allow me to wear EVERYTHING in my wardrobe. Currently, I have all these clothes hanging up that I never want to wear based on ill advised impulse buys. I know some of you have the same problem, don’t deny it! haha.
This mode of window shopping and sampling may not be for everyone, but for me it works! So for those of you who do not have the time or the effort to go window shopping, I hope this post helps limit your research time. Just remember, by being a bit more patient and doing some research, you can save yourselves both time and money on ugly clothes that you will never want to wear again!

Ps. To my friends, ill try to make the effort to update this regularly.

All shoes from Wade Shoes, price range from 2500p-3000p

Ramp Crossings, 2200k. Really nice patterns and yes I'm a fan of the two-tone sole design, like I had previously mentioned.

Rex Clothing (inside Ramp Crossings), 650p. Baseball T-shirts are a personal favourite of mine, they're really casual and they're easy to layer with and you cant complain with the price, so I'd get in fast!

Mundo (inside Ramp Crossings), 850p. Love scoopnecks as well because unlike every other t-shirt, the scoopneck gives more of a relaxed vibe. Personally of the two shirts I found, I'd pick the navy blue because I liked the texture and the pocket it kinda trippy haha.

Loving this brand Sahara! haha. Well, they fit so well on me and the material is very plain, nothing over the top. Perfect for business wear or what I plan to do is, alter the elbow's and include brown patches. And again, cant complain for 799p.

We all know Oxygen are the edgy trendsetters and I really like this denim looking, polyester type of button up I saw for 1299p. Im sure it would be perfect for this weather.

Oxygen pants, 1600p

Yes, I know Topman isn't a local brand, but if you check out these tee's, they're really cool if your going layer them or even wear by itself. They go for 1250p

This is Topman again, but hey, I really wanted to buy this shirt even though I was just sampling haha. I guess the only thing is, its 2250p. That can just about buy myself nearly 2 weeks of groceries haha.

These fedora hats are really nice! Does anyone recognize the top left hat? Yes, I bought that hat recently for 2100p in Activ

Really liked the colors of these caps though they're around 2000p each so really we know if you dont wanna spend that much, I guess you could go to Greenhills and find the same thing. Haha (you didn't hear that from me). These caps from Activ

Haha I know this has got nothing to do with clothing but I saw this really cool I think, Lomo type camera at Team Manila. Just thought I'd share it if anyones looks for a 'Instagram' effect type of camera. 8000p


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  2. love this so much, keep up the good work!

  3. its amazing how you get shots in the stores, they don't usually allow that. :)

    1. maybe bec hes a blogger and a stylist too

  4. ooohhhhhh rob.... may i ask sumtin? do wade shos have size 13 on their market? thanks