For a rather chilled week, I've managed to find myself on an adventure throughout the most odd places with the most odd people - that being my close mates Kit Thompson and Roy Requejo. From random trips to Pampanga and Laguna, this week has been nothing but "spontaneous" with the boys. But for those who follow my blog on a daily basis, would already know thats my persona, hence why I'm spontaneously back on the rooftops doing my thing. Actually for me, seeing myself back on the rooftop again means I'm back in business.

Boxfresh Shoes, backpack and button-down, New Era black cap, Cheap Monday skinny jeans, SM Accessories watch.


“The party’s starting at 11:30pm, so don’t be late otherwise the doors are closing.“ After reading the text message from Ria, I checked my iPhone and it was already 11:20pm. I knew it was going to be a close call so I immediately told the driver to make it double-time.  He didn’t give a shit, so I was obliged to give the driver the rest of my smokes to sweeten the deal. Ahh!! finally, I was seeing some results as we blitzed through Edsa at 120km/h.

With no time to lose, I entered the suburban village and arrived at Ria’s casa-mansion dead on time. Making my way straight to the elevator, I pressed the down button to go to the basement. I took a deep breath as I descended below and asked myself, “What am I getting into? This is all so spontaneous and I have no idea what’s happening. Who is even at this gathering?” – Eventually I resisted the urge hesitate as I was about to reach the basement floor. Now that I’m closer than ever, the noises start to become louder and louder.

With no surprise, my friends welcomed me with 2 shots of Patron followed by an unusual Jaeger Bomb chaser. The first thing I noticed upon arrival was that everyone was already wild for the night so I had a lot of catching up to do.

So here I was, caught in the midst of the action. Everyone partying like crazy, running around with no lights on aside from the projector screen, which just so happened to be playing Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. An eventful mind-trip it was at the time and I made the right move by not turning back.

 KC Del Rosario

 Coleen Garcia

 Kit Thompson

 Landon Leoncio and Jolo Estrada

 Krissy Villongco

 Callum David

 Alex Diaz James McDermott

Erika Villongco

What happened after these photos – I wouldn't know, nor would I think would be appropriate to share haha. But let me say this, that basement is one hell of a mystery.

For a guy, a backpack is the handbag of mens fashion. People who are always on the move like me, rely on backpacks to carry everything from point A to point B. Whether it be my camera, laptop, charger, hats, clothes, shoes, food, you name it - I'll always rely on a quality backpack that never lets me down... Especially when I come off my longboard. 

When I recently got in contact with newly opened BREE Philippines, they were kind enough to invite me to the latest store opening located by the new East Wing of Edsa Shangri La. At first, I honestly thought I was walking into a boutique store, a somewhat similar feeling like I got the first time I entered Louis Vuitton as a kid. It was cool and I was happily welcomed by the kind staff followed by a quick introduction about the products available. Believe it or not, their products weren't expensive like I had imaged them to be! Very affordable. 

For me when I acquire a backpack, I want my bag to last me for a very long time and I'm sure that's what everyone wants also. There's definitely no going wrong when I say that the quality of these bags are immaculate and especially when they're optional water resistant. So I'll now no longer have to worry about my laptop when it rains, unless I get pushed into a pool. Check them out and see for yourself!

Shirt from Ben Sherman, Cheap Monday skinny pants, Bree backpack, Topman fedora

It was a successful turn out for Lyle & Scott as they relaunched their latest menswear collection, held at the newly anticipated Imperial Ice Bar, Fort Bonifacio. Models, bar tab, giveaways and the lot were happening all at the same time. Lucky for me, not only was I invited to attend the event, I was also included as part of the show. It was finally my night off where I could just drop everything and relax. But with that being said, shortly after my friends arrived, the night was then followed by an epic follow-up getting my rocks off on a wild adventure. Don't judge haha, it doesn't happen all the time.

Hideo & Fatima looked awesome together on the night. Great Company

 Also newly engaged couple Anton Del Rosario and Samantha Richelle

After the fashion show, we were literally forced by the production to follow through with drinks and other mixed beverages, making it the perfect venue to kickstart my night. Each table was given shot glasses made up of tequila and water shots. Whoever was fortunate enough to down the tequila shot won a prize. Believe it or not it was me, and I went home that night with a P3,000 Lyle & Scott button down.

I thought this was a pretty awesome photo to include: Camera, Drink, Smoke. Can't go wrong for entertainment.

Signature Ben Sherman yellow tee, Topman skinny carrot jeans, white high-top Converse Allstars and Quicksilver sports illustrated underwater watch.

Finn The Human not included lol

Hey guys! 
I'm doing my first blog giveaway, and by all means I want to give a lucky someone my novelty Herschel Backback (worth P6000) given to me thanks to BRATPACK. I've had this bag for over a year now and it's still in brand new condition seeing as I've only had the chance to use it a few times. 

Here's how to win:

1) Follow & Like my Instagram photo.
2) Instagram, Twitter me @robbiebecroft a photo of you wearing your best chosen outfit that you would pair this awesome bag with! (Don't forget to 'tag' me in your Instagram pic) or email to if your Instagram is on private.

The winner will be announced this coming Thursday! Stay tuned!

Yours Truly 
Robbie Becroft :)

If anyone ever tells you to go to an event on time, don't listen too them! You'll be setting yourself up for a cringe moment here in the Philippines haha... Last night was a real experience for me when attended the Ben Sherman, Robinsons Magnolia store opening earlier than expected haha. Not to worry though, I was pretty distracted by all the clothes Ben Sherman had newly on display. Nothing could be more perfected with the attention to detail Ben Sherman's consistently recognized for, thus making one of my favorite brands. Unlike generic clothing brands, Ben Sherman really make the effort to tailor their clothes to fit perfectly like a glove, hence why they're so successful world wide. From preppie to indie-folk, you won't go wrong if you're looking to dress for the occasion. Located on first level of Robinson Magnolia (opposite Cotton On), be sure to check them out!

Young genius' of Preview Magazine and Philippine Star Ana Canlas & David Milan 

Ely Buendia did a great job putting on a live show for the media and other guests, especially when he nailed it with the Rolling Stone covers. I was pretty overwhelmed by his performance, especially how quick he was to fled the scene right after his show. Haha. 

Caught up with Victor Basa! He's gonna kill me if he sees this candid of him!