Rule No. 1

Lately my focus has been solely on photography. Ever since starting my blog I've become a photography geek, always fascinated to learn new skills of the trade. Put me in a room with another photographer and we'll be there all night haha. Whether im on different photo blogs looking at fashion photography or landscape photography, I've always admired the work people put into taking such amazing photos, to one day hope that I can achieve the same.

You know it's clear photography is a passion when you appreciate the style of photography rather than the subject thats in the photo.

So this is evidently clear what's been keeping me busy in my free time when I'm not working. Blessed to have a gorgeously looking best friend like Simone, we've been going out of our way to test shoot in different areas and take in the fine location's Australia has to offer. Only permanently taking up photography for 10 months now, I'm pleased to see how much progress I've made both behind the lens and on the on the computer. There's still so much to learn with this being my very first test shoot, I'm looking forward what I can achieve in time.

With many thanks to Frip (Simone) for modelling for me, we've actually been a great team helping each other out and learning new skills. Direction plays a major role in photography because the coordination is purely what separates a model from looking elegant and looking awkward. So speaking-up is a key role when having to tell a model what do.


When you have photos like these, no matter what you are wearing the content is straight-up legit! Location and lighting is definitely the key. Even a standard camera can take photos like these when held in the proper hands. Haha it makes me cringe when I see someone who goes out of their way to spend so much money on an awesome camera and yet produce poor photos. No matter what camera you have, trust me you can do it!

I really enjoy shooting with my mate Khai because we have an awesome bond when it comes to photography aside from being good mates as it is. Enthusiasts we are!! If we are not learning from each other then we are always learning something new by taking things to the next level.

Hope you enjoy the photos.
Robbie Becroft

Rooftop access is not permitted for all people, so at one stage we had to keep a low-down from the security guards to avoid getting caught.

The face of Cheap Monday. I have previewed this shirt a few times and by looking how gnarly they logo is, it's well aware I can't get enough of it.

I miss these shoes so much. They're always hiding at the back of my wardrobe so I never see them when I pick out shoes to wear. It's cool that I brought and wore them out because this pic Khai took pretty much looks like billboard material.

H&M Pants, Boxfresh shoes, Topman hat + socks, Cheap Monday tee and KOMONO sunglasses

Soft Blue Matter

Taken outside the highly recognized entrance of Greenbelt 5, I managed to sneak in the time to get a few photos shot and at the same time try and teach my girlfriend a few tips on photography. I didn't want to waste this outfit by not having it shot because I really like the color palette consisting of mustard and navy blue, definitely a great mix. Although I'm no fashion guru nor I aim to be but when I usually pick out an outfit, I obviously focus on two colours first before getting more of a variety going. 

So in this case my primary outfit colors were mustard and navy blue. After I established the two I have the choice to follow through choosing either of the same colors to wear for my pants or in this case I opt to wear a darker tone of the mustard and chose brown pants as my secondary choice.

Seeing as the pants I wore were brown, that was my chance to layer it up again by adding my Brixton Air-Force cap.

Apologies for the pants and socks looking abnormally scruffy but I just wanted to show how I just randomly picked any pair of socks to go with my pants and boots.

Pants from Topman, Socks from SM Department Store, Industrie Shoes, T-shirt by Arvust, Blue Tommy Hilfiger button down, Brixton hat

The Esquire Ball

Time flies so fast and I still can't believe it's been a year since the grand debut of Esquire Magazine with our very own Many Pacquio on the cover. What a night that was last year! Of course, it's nothing I could ever back up again but no doubt about it, Esquire knows how to celebrate in style. Held in the Makati Shangri La Ballroom, the size of the venue was phenomenal. With over 500 people in attendance, there was still space to manoeuvre around without building up a sweat. Everyone was there, as in EVERYONE from editors & writers of magazines, businessmen in all fields and all the way to biggest celebrities of the Philippines showbiz industry. It was marvellous to see everyone go out of their way to look their best as the night just oozed of class and royalty. Let me share you my night in the ballroom.

I just knew everything had to be black and white. The images looked fine in color, it's just nice to see everything differently in this particular style. Reminds me of France just a tad.

 Lau and I came in late as usual but we bring the fun to the party!

 Lanvin oversize bowtie on the skinniest neck.

 Bianca Gonzales was looking effortlessly amazing. She really grabs everyones attention with her beautiful look and of course, an awesome personality to back it up.

Good friend Nik Juban. This guy knows how to wear clothes and he's backed that up for a long time now.

Esquire dream team captain Mr. Erwin Romulo

 Mr Esquire

 Lizzy with her new found friend Adrian. Both great value.

No I didn't drink that night haha.

 Mr Esquire, Mr Magic Mike

Ash Rye brings great chats to the table, no matter who's sitting down.

Cebu Pacific x Visa

What an amazing day I had yesterday thanks to Cebu Pacific's newest collaboration with Visa. Days like these that make me very privileged to be based here in the Philippines. Sometimes I have those days where I'm in Manila thinking to myself wtf am I doing here - I could be spending time back home with family and friends, but when I have spontaneous days like these I think to myself, "no way would I get the chance to do something like this back in my hometown in Australia". So this was definitely a memorable experience for me.

Thanks to Bridges PR, bloggers such as Laureen, Kelly Misa and I were invited to the Cebu Pacific & Visa luncheon event to witness the official partnership between the two empires. It was quite interesting to hear what was said throughout the conference as I learnt some interesting statistics, one being: up to 90% of airfare purchases are paid in cash. So it became apparent that one of the few reasons for the collaboration is to help promote VISA for people to purchase electronically. And they've also included a loyalty program to help piggyback the collaboration.

Shortly after the press conference, it was announced that they'd be giving all the press who attended the event a new VISA card with P10,000 pesos. Of course, there was a catch though haha - we had to spend it in 30 minutes within the premisses of Resorts World Mall where the event was held. The pressure was on! It was insane to see people around me light up like a bulb yet at the same time become all hesitant, because weren't sure what to buy let alone not know anything about what's available in the mall. With me, I had my mindset on purchasing airfares, so the young traveller inside me gets the chance to be set free! Laureen and I ended up spending our money on return tickets to Hong Kong and IloIlo. What a bargin! But of course, there was internet connection dilemmas and such so we didn't get to spend all of the money... Not to worry though, I was thankful enough to have been given this opportunity.

 The sign of a business venture collaboration through a credit card swipe!

 Can't forget to include the foodporn 

 Assistant staff were assigned to Laureen and I to help keep us from going insane with the amount of time we had to spend. I'm sure my assistant looks at me differently now hahaha.

Special thanks to Franco Santos & Nicole Jacinto of Bridges PR

Sebago Stylin' 3

If someone ever asked me to name my favourite brand of shoe, I'm gonna say….. Oh! well, I don't know what I'm going to say haha... because I have plenty of shoe brands with different styles that are in my favourite list. But when it comes to quality and detail, I would definitely choose Sebago

Previously last week, Sebago Philippines had an exclusive event to showcase their collection with the opportunity to choose a pair to keep. Rugged wannabe as I am, I had to go with a new set of desert boots just in case an old pair failed on me haha... A notable feature Sebago shoes incorporate that many brands don't have are the rubber layers at the botton of wooden soles. From birds eye view it's not noticeable at all but the rubber feature helps keep a solid grip a wooden shoe won't, along with adding a cosmetic protection to the surface. So if you're looking for a new pair of kicks that will last you definitely consider Sebago shoes on your options list. 

Outfit: Burgundy tee from Topman, Industrie chinos, Boxfresh letterman's bag, KOMONO wooden frames and Brixton air-force cap.

Lust For Life

Since it has been a while since I have last posted, much has happened in the city of Manila. One thing about the Philippines that I'll never get over is its hunger for nightlife social connection. Every week there is at least one or two events. Either a new brand is debuting or a new restaurant that's just opened, the city of Manila is resting. Previously last week had been the opening for Australia's Cotton On clothing, opening in SM Megamall. Since I'm from Australia, this isn't my first time to get a glimpse of Australia's fashion sense. I did find a few items I liked such as the maroon button-down that I'm wearing and let me say, it's so much cheaper than back home in Australia! I chose Maroon because it's quite a newly introduced color which has certainly caught a lot of attention. But take in mind, it's a color that can only be worn with specific tones. With that being said, this was what I managed to put together.

KOMONO wooden frame sunglasses

Maroon button down from Cotton On, grey shirt from Arvust, chinos from Topman, General pants socks, Industrie desert boots, KOMONO wooden frame sunglasses and watch from SM Accessories.