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Casual Country

Well lately my blog has turned into quite the travel blog since arriving to Australia. Haha apologies if I make a big deal that I'm in Australia, its been a long time since I've been here last. Last night I stayed overnight in a small town known as Parkes in New South Wales. A renowned town famous for the movie The Dish. It's about a massive radio telescope that helped NASA communicate with Neil Armstrong during the 1969 Apollo 11. 

Aside from that, the weather is cold early in the mornings reaching a temperature of 7 degrees celsius and below. I absolutely love the scenery where I am even though it's quite deserted. The feeling of being up early in the morning with no one on the road is an amazing feeling of freedom. As the scenery changes heading south, the landscape becomes more lush, seeing the grass turning greener and the trees having more life. It's only a few hours now till I reach the city of Melbourne so hopefully I'll have time to catch up with Jasmine Curtis!

What I'm wearing: Brown fedora hat from Active, grey Arvust tee, oversize Levis button down, brown Topman pants, Aldo sneakers and ORIS Seamaster Automatic watch.

Casual Streetstyle Inspiration

Nothing beats the relaxing feel of when we wear casual street-wear for the day - may it be either going out to the mall, meeting up with friends or even a family dinner on a Sunday afternoon. There are so many ways to wear different pieces, you can easily put together within five minutes and come out with something so effective through color patterns and or accessories.

It's always cool to see how people put together different outfits that reflect on their personality's.
For example, the first image show's how this tanned gentleman has totally changed the perception of his look by changing a simple preppy outfit and made it look so much more interesting through the hairstyle.

Taking the focus of a trendy backpack and combing it with an outfit of similar colors making the overall look so awesome! Likewise with the next picture - mixing patterns with polkadots opens up new styling ideas.

It's hard to come across Filipinos with rugged features such as sleeve tattoo's or heavy facial hair but when paired up with preppy clothes, it very much so gives more of an interesting look overall. Something that the ladies would definitely admire.

Instagram Diary

After spending a year in the Philippines going to the same places day-in and day-out and ever since I've been in Brisbane it feels like I'm a tourist in my own country. Could you believe it's only been two days since arrival and the Instagraming doesn't stop flowing. I'll be honest, the reason for being so active on Instagram is because of my travelling adventure. Haha at least you can tell I've been keeping myself busy from the looks of these photos. I'm really really excited to go to Melbourne again and from the amount of photos that have been uploaded already, this is just a small fracture of how many photos I'll be taking in Melbourne.

Stay in touch.

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Thank You Dean Morante & Mylinh Vu for the Cupcakes

Hinterland Escape

It's my second day back in Australia and I'm just loving the cool, breezy weather. I took a stroll down the park to catch a breath of fresh air and no doubt about it, nothing can beat the wildlife and atmosphere of where I am. Right now I'm currently in the city of Brisbane catching up with family and friends before going to Melbourne. Of course, I miss the company in the Philippines and haha the cost of living but a change of scenery always helps to refresh the mind and reflect on things. I'm really looking forward to going to Melbourne, of course simply because of the lifestyle - it's a multi cultural city known for its fine arts, wide selection of food and fashion trends. Stay posted!

What I'm wearing: H&M Chino Pants, Hickok belt from SM, blue denim button down by Arvust, Obey fedora hat, Emporio Armarni sports bag, Boxfresh shoes and holding a Fujifilm X100 Digital Camera

When it comes to winter fashion, its all about layering-up. It wasn't as cold for me at the time because I was hiking through the parks, but when it comes to early mornings I sometimes have to wear three layers! So this is just a small taste of what I packed for winter. Aside from the clothes I wanted to show you the Fujifilm X100 shown in the photos. It's a great travelling camera, light, compact and very fashionable with its vintage inspired design. Its my first time using this camera and I'll be taking it on my trip throughout my journey in Australia, so hopefully I'll have mastered it before the end of my vacation. 

CDO Getaway Part 2

Camera: Standard Canon 600d
Lens: Canon 50mm 1.4f
Editing: Adobe Photoshop CS5

Please Note: Some of the photos came out a little grainier than originally edited due to photo resizing & I'm too lazy to re-edit them haha.

Comments: This was just a minor attempt whilst on the plane to Australia. I had used Adobe CS5 to edit the photos, I also prefer to use Adobe Lightroom as an alternative for when I play around with colors. Majority of the photos consisted of film grain, black & whites, selective color, curves and unsharpen mask to play around with the photos. Photoshop is really fun to work with if you want to try and be creative with editing and of course, to repair photos. Thanks.