An intimate celebration for Vice Ganda

Firstly before I get into things let me say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICE! Dinner was at 8:30pm, and as usual all the artistas arrived at unorthodox times, coming from shoots and meetings. I could very much tell that they were all tired at the time, so in-fairness, I give my hats off to them for making the extra effort for attending a last minute planned celebration. 

I was so hungry when I arrived that when I saw the buffet, my mouth completely dropped and my stomach coincidentally started mumbling. The first dinner station was sushi for me! I cannot emphasize how much of a sushi fanatic I am and one day, I plan to set up my own sushi restaurant. 

Towards the end of the night, Vice opened his presents and little did we know that afterwards there was another surprise birthday that Vice's close friends had organize. It was all the way in Quezon City, so we all had to beat him to the location!

The deserts were just simply indulging full of rich chocolate especially the chocolate fondue haha, oh wow i'm trying not to think about it right now. 

Isabelle Daza looking all soshal making her way to the second birthday. 

So we finally beat Vice to the second location at a Karaoke lounge where all of Vice's comedian friends got together. I swear, not even at one stage was there a point that no one was NOT laughing haha. It was hilarious, all the amount of talk that came out of people's mouths. 

Unfortunately I couldn't stay for long but looking at all the Twitter feeds the next day, I could tell everyone had a blast.

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  1. i really love vice ganda.. i'm her biggest fan here in korondal..