Rule No. 1

Lately my focus has been solely on photography. Ever since starting my blog I've become a photography geek, always fascinated to learn new skills of the trade. Put me in a room with another photographer and we'll be there all night haha. Whether im on different photo blogs looking at fashion photography or landscape photography, I've always admired the work people put into taking such amazing photos, to one day hope that I can achieve the same.

You know it's clear photography is a passion when you appreciate the style of photography rather than the subject thats in the photo.

So this is evidently clear what's been keeping me busy in my free time when I'm not working. Blessed to have a gorgeously looking best friend like Simone, we've been going out of our way to test shoot in different areas and take in the fine location's Australia has to offer. Only permanently taking up photography for 10 months now, I'm pleased to see how much progress I've made both behind the lens and on the on the computer. There's still so much to learn with this being my very first test shoot, I'm looking forward what I can achieve in time.

With many thanks to Frip (Simone) for modelling for me, we've actually been a great team helping each other out and learning new skills. Direction plays a major role in photography because the coordination is purely what separates a model from looking elegant and looking awkward. So speaking-up is a key role when having to tell a model what do.