Wednesday Wear

Sorry for the lack of recent outfit posts guys. This bad weather, coupled with my schedule at the moment have contributed to this. Yesterday, as a bit of sun was peering through the clouds, I thought it would be a great time to take some snaps on my way to supper. Rather than wearing plain white, I chose to go with an orange shirt from Sahara and navy blue pants from H&M. I had picked these colors because I really liked how they work together, it's more of a relaxed version of a black and white business ensamble. And being able to still keep my preppy/vintage style, the moroon bow-tie and leather shoes blended in perfectly.

Watch & bow-tie from SM Accessories, shoes from Topman.

Globe Tattoo's iPad 3 Launch

As you may have noticed, I've been on a little photography spree lately, hence why there aren't as many photos of myself. I can finally say, that all the main events are finally over and its time to start sharing my own personal style again. But I guess its nice to mix up my blog-posts from time-to-time just so you know that my blogs not just about me.

Last night was the debut for Globe Tattoo's the new iPad 3, along with introducing its newest ambassadors: Miggy Chavez, BJ Pascual, Geogina Wilson, Charina Sarte, Chuvaness & Tim Yap. Everyone got the chance to meet and greet the celebrity star ambassadors along with having the chance to able to inspect the latest iPad in this funky glass-room set up. There's not much to say about the latest iPad as it's still has the same features as the previous iPads, but its output speed has dramatically increase since the previous model. Although, I didn't really take the time to critique, I'm sure there's many new features i'm yet to come across. Stay tuned with the latest Globe iPad 3 release on

Bench PFW: Rajo Knows How to Change It Up

"This is just one dream come true!" coming from the man himself, Rajo Laurel. He certainly made his mark with his new fragrance line and denim collection for Bench Clothing. I'm sure everyone who was there would agree when I say it was a captivating performance. He really knows how to change it up! Never have I experienced a show fashion show like this. There were cheerleading squads, dance battles, and of course the modeling catwalk. It was just a little unfortunate where I was seated as I didn't get the best photo opportunities, but I can't complain as I was still close to the front row.

Toward the end of the performance, Rajo came to the center of the stage and made everyone stand on their feet and dance to his choreography! So imagine the entire crowd, all the celebs sitting front row and elderly people on their feet dancing in celebration for Rajo Laurel. Was this not his celebrity debut!? Either way, this was well and truly a cooler version of ASAP & Party P. Haha. Congratulations Rajo on your new collaboration with Bench Clothing.  

Oxygen: Philippines on Edge

Oxygen Clothing have been in the Philippine fashion game for years, and up until today they never cease to amaze the audience. Even if you have your seats reserved, this is a fashion show thats mandatory you arrive at least one hour beforehand.

First-hand let me say, I'm truly overwhelmed of the fashion standards that were set by the fashion show, and also that was displayed by the audience. I love seeing Filipino's experiment with different designs (as long as it's not too extreme) as it gives me new inspirations. There has been a vast increase in the fashion standards from last year. This is the case for both men and women. There was a lack of fashion show etiquette last year, but I see no signs of that this time around. I'm hoping we keep up the pace that we're at right now because in turn, it will really encourage more international brands to set up base in the Philippines.

Hope you enjoy browsing through the photos and hopefully some of you may find new inspiration for yourselves and a special thanks goes out to my mate Dan Buenaventura of Status Magazine!

Etcetera Etcetera

Hey guys, unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to the Menswear Philippines Fashion show as something important came up. I can't really specify whats going on in the photo as to what I was getting up to, but all I can say is stay tune to see me on ETC TV this upcoming June 17. I will give you more details soon. Follow me on twitter @robbiebecroft to stay updated. Thanks! 

SM Ladies Fashion

Philippine Fashion Week has finally arrived! Although it started on Tuesday, today was the introduction of the corporate brands starting with none other than SM Department Store. It was only the moment I stepped foot in that I was notified that SM removed their Mens collection this year, so I became little unenthusiastic in the beginning. With me being a guy, it's understandable as i'm their to see what SM Mens have in store. Not a problem though because once the show started, the loud-heavy beat certainly grabbed everyones attention.

The fashion show was fab as usual and I definitely have to congratulate SM and its team who put together so many outfits, the show felt like it was going to go past my bed time. And having a waiter next to me the whole time with a bottle of wine, I nearly ended up finishing the bottle! Haha.

Tonight i'll be attending the Menswear Fashion Show. I'm quite excited, because the Philippines has good reputation for having the most radical designers who really know how to turn heads with their design and creative stage designs. I guess some of you fellow readers may possibly be questioning why i'm not modeling for this event? Well to answer that question, the show's definitely more exciting to watch than to model. Stay tuned.