Yabu - Katsu for 25

Just to change it up from the standard outfit and fashion related posts, how about I try and get that stomach of yours to rumble. Yabu Philippines is basically one of my all time favorite Japanese cuisine restaurants. This is simply due to their dedication towards getting the best quality Katsu you can find. And don't get me wrong - the term "quality over quantity" does not affiliate with Yabu, as they're known for serving up a pleasingly large dish that you'll struggle to finish!

Yabu's 'Kastu for 25' dinner last night was a debut for Master Kazuya's 'Special Katsudon', a new addition to their superior menu (see 2nd & 4th photo). I couldn't really describe the taste - it just tasted like heaven and literally just melted in my mouth haha. They included an egg on top of the dish which the idea is for the consumer to break the yolk and be used as the primary sauce. Tuna flakes surrounded the dish that added another element to the meal. A very interesting flavor I must say, one which my palette will soon never forget. 

Towards the end of the night, it was well and truly clear that everyone was satisfied seeing big belly's bulging out as a means of a two-thumbs up. It was also a great night that brought all my friends together so we could catch up share our recent stories - such as our disappointment for Manny Pacquio's loss to Timothy Bradley haha. Oh well. Happy to do it all again anytime soon!

The 'Special Katusdon' addition to their menu
Master Kazuya, the mastermind behind Yabu's Japanese cuisines
Haha Sandro Paredes will be happy to see this.


  1. Hi Robbie!

    What camera do you use? Is it a Canon point and shoot and do you use Photoshop to make your photos look like that?

  2. OMG, I super love your Shirt there. where can i find it! i'm dying to have one!