The New Guy

Hope everyone had a good weekend, I know its a Monday and probably the hardest day to get through especially if you've had a big weekend. I could only imagine going to work having to sit in an office chair all day - haha I was doing that at one stage back in Australia. 

If you recently just started checking out my blog, basically  the reason why I started Robbie Off Duty was to keep myself entertained whilst modeling in the Philippines. I've always been enthusiastic towards personal style and a sucker for trying to take good photos. I suck at writing and I blog to try and improve on it. But I wan't you to know that my blog isn't purely a commercial blog - although it helps me get work and earn, and just like you guys we, all have to make money somehow. I'd like for you guy's to see that im not just another cute face looking to get famous (firstly I can't act) and I've now found purpose for this blog. You're all welcome to follow me on Twitter or add me up on Facebook if you have any questions to ask.

For those who don't know, I've been one of the lucky fashion bloggers to be nominated for the Globe Tattoo Stylismo award! Haha the funniest part is that I'm the only guy blogger nominated - I think thats a first! Well with honesty, I'm not expected to win nor shall I be competitive about it. I'm just thankful enough to be nominated in that particular category and to you guys that check out my blog. 

The event was held at 7th High Nightclub where I got the chance to catch up again with old friends and enjoy pigging out on gourmet condiments *winning*. Funny story though; I was running late and the event was on a Friday night. I ended up riding the MRT to Buendia in order to get to The Fort. There was so much traffic that from Buendia I had to run to 7th ave just so I didn't miss my announcement!

I also got the chance to catch up with my good mate Erwan Heussaff. There was copious amounts of chat that was tossed between us throughout the night regarding business plans, something I'm looking forward to in the future.

Timmy Yap spotted indulging his glass of red moments before his call on stage.. This might be the very secret of his towards fighting stage fright *take note* haha.

Tatt Council judges. Better be nice to these guys if I want to win the Stylisimo award.

Just lastly to finish up; if you manage to find the second to vote for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Like I said before, I'm not expecting to win but you're a good samaritan in my books if you can make the effort to do so. Thanks


  1. As a co-male fashion blogger, you have my vote. :)

  2. i voted too

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