Times Change

Aside from checking out the enormous Mall of Asia, have you ever checked out the The Archdiocesan Shrine of Jesus church next to SMX Entertainment Center? I've walked passed it on so many occasions but never have I given myself the time to admire the architecture of this classical Spanish church. Today I'm at SMX for a for a fashion show with SM Teenswear. I realized that i'll be around here all day so I thought I'd prepare an outfit suitable for me to roam  around in after rehearsals. 

How cool is the red shirt? I was thinking to myself this morning that it might be hard to mix and match this shirt without confusing people thinking its Christmas already. So by pairing the shirt with brown my brown fedora and slacks, it would look just fine. Im actually happy with the end result - nothing too attention seeking (maybe just a little) and I didn't need to go all out with layering. I also got the chance to wear my new watch from Axis.

Red button up shirt from Artisan Clothing (local), brown cotton single pleate trousers from Topman, fedora hat from New EraHerschel backpack and Zara socks and shoes.
For those who don't yet know, I was lucky enough to work with KC Concepcion for the new Axis campaign that has just been recently debuted. At the shoot I was one of, and if not the very first to see their new collection which had certainly caught my attention and I'd have to agree when Axis states - "no fashion or style is the same as another. No matter how common or outrageous it can be, it’s your own statement, and no body can argue with you about it. Axis gets you into a space where style embodies more of who you are and what you want to say without pretense." 

They have huge new collection of watches soon to reach the stores and I'm sure you'll find a watch that will compliment your style. And for the price that they're on sale for, you can't go wrong.

Just lastly, this is my mate Samir Ayeb who is also a model here in Manila. He was nice enough to take my photos today, haha he's such a funny little annoying lad. But this was a photo I took of him today and I thought it would be cool to upload it so you can tell me what you think. Cheers!


  1. Is that Herschel backpack from a local brand? Where could I purchase one?

    Thanks, Robbie!


  2. love your bag and samir too.LMAO

  3. not digging the elbow thingies but i like the choice of colors. Red certainly fits your skin :)

  4. Omg! Samir is HOT! Tell him he's hot!

  5. Maybe you could put up your pictures in lookbook(dot)nu. Just a thought.

  6. I have to tell you something and I hope you wont find it weird, I find the lines on your forehead sexyyy! :) Anyway, that photo of your friend reminds me of James Dean.

  7. Hey Robbie, I just saw you on Etcetera yesterday... It's fascinating to know that like me, you also go to ukay-ukays to buy some garments!!! It's the first time I knew that you ang Laureen are together! You guys are cute!!!

  8. Man you're amazing. Definetely an outstanding blog ;)

    greetings from Munich,
    Eros (www.HermesIsMyDad.com)

  9. You remind me so much of Skandar Keynes of The Chronicles of Narnia!

  10. i wonder what Manong is thinking about you on the first photo.. :))))

  11. fuuny. im on your blog now and youre on ETC as of the moment, as well haha
    met Samir at Sarah's place 2 weekends ago maybe.. with jear and this other guy. haha
    lovely blog you have. and you were a couple of steps away from our stall (cebu bloggers) during bloggers united 3 :)



  12. Such a stunning picture, gorgeous!!
    I like Your new design Red Shirt!! awesome and new products...