Great Chats, Good Company

After such a busy day yesterday, I fell sound asleep last night and probably had one of the best sleeps I've had in a very long time in Manila. It's quite hard to sleep early in Manila with all the opportunities to go out, party and have fun with all my friends. And its not just young people my age that like to go out, its the whole city! Haha fun people we Filipinos are.

Today I woke up nice and early to go to Manila Peninsula for a Fashion show rehearsal with Bench Clothing. Seeing it was at The Pen, I thought it would be nice to show up a bit preppy and show off my new sweater that I bought from Zara, Greenbelt 5. I wanted to blog about this because I got it on sale for around P1,500p. I thought it was a bit cheaper than their regular prices and there's a huge variety of colors to choose from. Im a big fan of sweaters simply because they're light and easy to layer-up with here in Manila. And just by simply adding the bow tie makes it really cute (I dislike using the word cute but works in this situation).

Soon after rehearsals we had a lot of waiting around, so I thought it would be nice to take a few snaps and show you all what everyones getting up to.

Yeh I had get make up on, unfortunately I couldn't avoid it.

Samantha said I was so irritating... I'll be the judge of that haha.

My mate Sean Go and Samir Ayeb (above) simply chilling back stage catching up with small talk. 

Fashion shows are always fun backstage when you put aside all the stress and build-up moments before the show starts. When I hang around backstage with all the models, it somewhat feels like I'm back at school and we're all on a field trip! We'll anyway I better go, Robbie is about to go 'on duty'. Hahaha Samantha was right, I am irritating.


  1. is sean go also a model?

  2. finally i found your blog nice photos dude

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  4. robbie! you're so gwapo!
    .. and indeed, "cute" works in this situation, wait, not just this one, in all situations! haha!
    Keep Insipiring!

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  6. heheh I remembered I have a bow tie back then!