Prada Menswear Autumn/Winter 2012 Campaign

Wow this  is a nice concept... Prada have orchestrated a unique blend or A-list Hollywood actors Gary Oldman, Jamie Bell, Garrett Hedlund and Willem Dafoe for the Menswear Autumn/Winter 2012 Campaign. Whats interesting aside from the casts' personality, is how these guys flawlessly portray a new-age 'Belle Epoque' representation. Their sleek looks coupled with the Moulin Rouge red backdrop - effortlessly creates a powerful look for Prada's 2012 Campaign. 

Personally I like Gary Oldman in this Photo because he really pulls off this look so well. It reminds me  when I saw him play Sirius Black in the Harry Potter series - this is probably how Sirius would dress for an intimate date.  I really like the double-breasted jacket on Willem Dafoe due to the fact that double-breasted jackets look best on tall people. Willem is only 5'10 so he's done a great job... If only we could wear these clothes on a regular basis in the Philippines...

Shot by David Sims.