Photo Opportunity

Cheers to another bright and sunny day in the Philippines. I was on my way to Makati for a meeting when I decided bring my camera to take some photos and work on my photography skills. It's been a while since I dedicated the time to take photos of streets in Manila as my camera has been mostly used for work. For those who don't know, taking photos in the Philippines can be just as sweaty as a gym work out, so eventually I had to layer off my shirt. Haha. 

What I love about the photography in the Philippines is that a lot of the times you can go beyond limits into locations where your really cant go. Although the Philippines doesn't the well developed streets, if you go to the right places, you'll find the best Spanish heritage style homes and streets that give you the feel as if your in a different country. 

Button-up shirt by H&M, Arvust grey shirt, fedora hat by ObeyCheap Monday skinny pants, accessories from SM Accessories and shoes by Zara


  1. What unit of camera and lens did you use in this photo and the one you are handling in your picture? Thanks.

  2. Who took those photos? I'll be reading your blog once in a while