Muji Fashion Show

After a long afternoon of preparation and rehearsals the show was an accomplishment. The crowd was given a show of simplicity coupled with effective content, thanks to our stylist, Cecil Van Straten of Chuvaness. It was the one of the first fashion shows I had been apart since blogging, as I have frequently been a staple behind the camera lately. I must say I do miss doing fashion shows and hanging out with friends for the duration of the show. It gives me a feeling of being back in high school. It also gives me the opportunity to meet new people from different countries and learn about their differences in lifestyle and culture. 

At the end of the fashion show I got the chance to hang around and mingle with the audience along with catching up with friends. There was wine to go about and the green tea macaroon were delicious. Laureen was nice enough to take photos through the duration of the show, so naturally I paid her back by treating her for dinner haha. 

The boys with creative director Robby Carmona back at the dressing tents.
Cute pyjama ensamble I wore as one of my outfits.
nomnomnomnom haha


  1. Passed by you on the elevator up to Muji that day!! love all your posts haha!

  2. Ms. Chuvaness is really great! Very nice outcome! Hmmm ... I might check out Muji products too. Soon. :)


  3. Love this post! Such a great blog!