Spendin Papers

Ok i'm tired of looking at the same clothing stores so I decided to buy online. Shopping online is nothing new but like i've said in the past, it's cheaper and you wont be wearing the same old topman/zara clothes like everyone else. If you have a credit card with 2 000 - 2 300 and looking to treat yourself like I did, or shop for your guy, then you should check out my go-to online clothing store, www.asos.com

Its a really good website to check out when your just at home, browsing on the web. From personal experience, the quality of the clothing is great and the shipping is free. You just need to have patience as the shipping can take up to 3 weeks.

Note: The items on sale sell fast, but don't rush into buying an item as there sales are updated everyday. Some of the items featured may have already been sold.

ASOS T-Shirt With Nepp Fabric And Modesty Triangle

ASOS Extreme Racer Back Printed Vest
ASOS Pique Polo Shirt With Polka Dot Print

ASOS Vest With Jacquard Design
Ringspun Amnesia Vest


ASOS Caribena Necklace

Source: www.asos.com


  1. not bad... 7 items for 2k... hmmm tempting..

  2. im checking the site and so far all of the clothes are in british pounds! and they are not cheap. How do i get the deal that you got?

  3. Robbie, how did you that? I mean what currency did you use? and I`m having a hard time to shop on ASOS coz I don`t know what to do first! :'( Ughhh been dying to buy ASOS but I don`t know how! :( HELP! :D

  4. have you received your order? how much were you taxed? I hear that customs tax a ridiculous amount then the goods arrive.