Under the Weather

Shortly after these photos were taken, my camera lens broke. I'm so bothered, but I guess this is one of the consequences when shooting yourself within gusty winds. Who would have thought it would be so windy in Manila? Well the weather has been pretty poor lately and it would be nice to see some sunlight so I can start taking photos again - grey skies never motivate me to go out, just lucky I've been busy with work! 

Hope everyone is making the best out of their day today! Take care and happy Independence Day :)

Plain V-neck from GAP, Skinny Carrot pants from Topman, button up shirt by Penshoppe and military boots from People Are People.

The military boots from People Are People set me back 2,500p. They're really comfy and easy to take on-off. I believe their still available so if you're looking to buy a pair of military boots of your own I suggest you purchase from there to get ya bang for your buck!


  1. I love your hair! And I love your boots! :-)


  2. it's the hair, robbie! it's the hair!!! :)

  3. You should wear shirts more often! I always see you in polo shirts :)

  4. I have the same boots. :) Ohh, and thanks to your other post, I also got the Sebago boots. :)

  5. Your are so gwapo!

  6. I like your hair here! And wow for the boots!