Sebago Style

I don't know if you know about the brand Sebago, well do you? I'll be honest here, I've walked pass Sebago's store on a few occasions but unfortunately I've never had the time to drop by until recently did. Wow. I could not believe how stylish they're collections were. This brand just adds to my inspirations for when I want to look for a new shoe design. 

The shoe that I chose from Sebago resembles a vintage high top brogue with wooden sole's. I picked this design in particular because they looked similar to the shoes my style icon Nick Wooster would wear (brogue shoes, high-top socks and rolled up pants) haha. So if your tired of looking at the same pair of shoes at various outlet stores, next time try Sebago and let me know of your thoughts.

As I defined my outfit working from shoes-up, I paired the Sebago shoes with cool red socks along with khaki pants from Zara. I didn't bother looking for my accessories to wear as I was going for a relaxed look that day, although I chose to layer a plain black shirt with my Ukay Ukay custom shirt I altered.


  1. I love the elbow patch details
    and the boots :)

    xx à la mode

  2. Red socks with the boots. Totally my style.
    Great look. :))