#MagnumSummerFling P2, The Party

Magnum Philippines had done it once again! I was so overwhelmed on what a great job they did putting together an amazing summer bash, celebrating their introduction of the #Magnum collection. The party was held on the rooftop at The Tides in Boracay. 

It was a star studded affair with a variety of the Philippine Celebrity World in attendance. This was always going to be the case with Starworld running the proceedings, capturing every bite. Although the weather was not at its Boracay best, we still managed to have a great time. As the raindrops began to fall, this was when the fun actually began! We all jumped in the pool and it felt as if we were living the teenage dream.

Special thanks to Andi Eigenmann for her underwater camera.

The burgers were absolutely mouthwatering... I ate 5 burgers that day! hahaha 

Carlos Concepcion was the 'King of the Sea'

Towards sunset was my most memorable experience. Never have I partied till sunset like this! The photos came out so nice.


  1. You seem to have a great time.Boracay is the place to be.

  2. Nice shots :)) I saw Rez Toledo, didn't know he was there too. :)

  3. great photos! what camera do you use? Canon EOS 600D?
    What size are your lenses?