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I understand when people ask me questions about buying clothes online regarding the size and the fitting, because yes we're all different shapes and sizes. Nothing beats actually going into a shop and trying on clothes, but the great thing about online shopping is the time you get to decide whether you really want a particular item or not. This can be contrasted with physically going to shops where you can be swayed into impulse buys by persuasive sales staff. Like I once said, by doing some research, you can save yourself both time and money on not buying ugly clothes that you will never want to wear again.

Now these pieces that I personally picked myself online, are clothes that im dying to have. You might be turned off by the price as some items are quite expensive, but they look so good! I only had time to browse through a few pieces, but you can also check more out on

Please take in mind that the sizes in Australia are different to the sizes in the Philippines. Usually a medium can be equivalent to a large so be extra careful and make sure your measurements match the measurements of the given product

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