Final Touches

After the Jolibee event, Bobby and I made our way to Makati to meet up with friends for dinner. We caught the MRT as it was the most convenient way of transportation to get to the heart of Makati. At the end of the day towards sunset, I decided to take a few photos, along with our outfits. I realized to myself that both Bobby and I were wearing quite a few accessories, so why not show you guys what we wore.

As it was yet another hot day, Bobby decided to go with the sando-chino combination wearing a dark grey 'spaghetti straps' style sando by Vanishing Elephant, with orange chinos from Arvust and the single strap bag he's wearing is from SM Accessories.

As I represented myself beforehand at the Jollibee event that day, I dressed smart casual. My light grey button-up shirt from H&M, maroon trousers from Topman and my hat by Obey clothing.

All the accessories i'm wearing including the belt are by SM Accessories. Starting off with my watch. Surprisingly I got it for only 295p, but the original strap was not really my style, so I went to the watch repair store to change the straps with brown leather. Now it looks expensive! Just simple touches guys and you can achieve this.

Seeing as the material of Bobby's sando was so thin, he decided to place his sunglasses (by CRAP) on his necklace. I thought it was pretty cool what he did there, something different.

Funny enough, these bracelets were actually purchased in a girls store 

My bracelets were once again by SM Accessories.


  1. i so love sm accessories they have a very wide range of awesome stuffs for both men and women :)

  2. regardless wether you dressed up or dressed down you're still cool as a moose....regards buddy

  3. hey? is CRAP sunglasses available locally?

  4. sunglasses placed on necklace, that's cool!

  5. where can i get those cool accessories ?