New Facade, Same Topman

Last week I was personally invited to the reopening of the Topshop store in Mall of Asia. They have recently renovated their store, increasing the male section (Topman) to introduce more of their collections. Initially I did not notice much of a difference, as aesthetically it was mostly the same. However, what I did notice were the new pieces that are part of Topman's latest collection. 

Let's be honest we are all fans of Topman & Topshop as both boast a variety of  clothes and styles to choose from. Further, I find their clothes very versatile when working with different styles. Aside from just visiting their newly refurbished store, I went out of my way to examine what new clothes they had in stock and how they could complement my style. 

If your ever near a Topman store, do check out their latest collection, especially their chinos (tapered pants) as they have a variety of colors to choose from. In addition, if you ever get confused, just ask me via email and I would be happy to help you out.

Navy blue shoes tend to work with most colors. Personally, these shoes would be great with dark-blue skinny jeans, burgundy or beige shorts and or shades of black pants.

Lately i'm a big fan of navy blue. I spotted this blazer the very moment I stepped into their store and like I said, navy blue is an easy color to work with. I then found this floral shirt of the same color that I thought worked well with the blazer. It's nothing too busy and would pass as a very smart casual look.

Haha I needed a green sweater so this is what I bought on the day.

Try mixing with different belts and experiment a little to avoid wearing that same old black belt lying in your closet. There are so many different belt designs out there that can help make your outfit stand out. 


  1. it's so unfair that the Philippines have Topshop/Topman and we don't have it here in Seattle. I literally have to fly to New York to shop some cute clothes.

    great post!