Floating on Happiness

As I was on my way home from Serendra taking photos and catching up with friends, I had received a last minute invitation to a small opening event for Jollibee. Never would I have thought I'd be invited to food event haha. The managers and the marketing team were very pleasant to me so I was happy to help them out.

I was so shocked that when I arrived, they had a printed table reservation with my name on it and I thought it was very thoughtful of them. So I was there because Jollibee, has a new addition to its desert menu, and lucky for me they found my weak spots; coffee, chocolate and ice cream

Well I normally say no to sugar as majority of the time I focus on my diet but it was that day where I thought it would be good to treat myself now and again. Jollibee new floats come in Chocolate or Coffee and for 45pesos, watch out on the sugar levels! haha.

My personal favorite is the coffee!


  1. Looks yummy! : )
    I wish they had Jollibee here.

  2. That's like a Gelato Affogato!;) yummy!:)