I was late shooting yesterday so we decided to race down to Quezon City Circle, and capitalize on the remaining minutes of sunshine. The previous night I didn’t get any sleep at all as I was waiting for Bobby to arrive from Australia at the break of dawn! 

As soon as we arrived at QC Circle all of the anxiety I had about not getting enough sunlight disappeared. Just seeing the families having a great time and seeing all the smiles on everyone’s faces set me in the right mood to photograph. Plus, I can’t look anxious with such a relaxed floral shirt on! Haha. Hopefully this pre-Holy Week shoot brightens up your day and gets you in the mood to enjoy the rest of the week.

Special thanks to ma boy Bobby Pallier

Floral button up short-sleeve from Vanishing Elephant, Scoop singlet from Nana Judy (Australia) and burgundy shorts from Topman.