Dog Days

Don't tell the authorities but it appears that I have an obsession for climbing onto building rooftops! Haha. My original outfit post was suppose to be shot in UP followed by some running with my mate Bobby, until it started to rain. Dejected, we then decided to head back home with our tails between our legs.

We are still unhappy about our missed opportunity earlier that we decided to blow off some steam at the gym. After burning some serious calories we walked outside to a pleasant surprise; sunlight! We quickly showered and ran upstairs to the rooftop to capitalize. Keeping with the summer theme, I dressed comfortably with my sando by Less Is More, some ripped shorts by MLD Denim, and lastly my Le Specs sunglasses I purchased back in Australia. Enjoy


  1. i super love the shorts. Perfect for summer :)

  2. I love the ripped shorts :)
    It makes me miss the Summer,
    and I wish it was as hot here in NY!

    xx à la mode

  3. haha! you look cool! I do, love shorts too! Specially these days! it's really hot now! But aside from good looking dress, a perfect match of the perfect makeup will really make you feel hotter! Here's where you can get some free makeup samples.

  4. I like the shorts. :)