Lost In This World

I'm on the edge, all I wanna do is explore. Here I am living in the Philippines, my new home, a country with so much hidden potential that I'm here experiencing it first hand. Never as a teenager did I see myself living in the Philippines, I got bored of living the regular 9-5 drag so I guess I just wanted a change of lifestyle. 

Im a spontaneous kind of guy because I believe that by not looking for fun and letting fun come to you is the best way to experience reality and thats how I stumbled upon Borough. To most people, this is just a regular restaurant for fine dining and hanging out. For me, Borough was the birthplace of all my friendships here in the Philippines. It was around this time last year where I was randomly invited to an event held by Laureen Uy for the grand opening of one of her collections. 

Had I not gone this event last year I would not have met the amazing people that I call my dearest friends today. The lesson that I learnt that day was to never be content with what you have. Travelling outside of your comfort zone can take you to places you would have never thought existed. Don't be afraid guys, trying stepping out of the box today and do something you would not usually do. 

Light blue button by Shades of Grey, dark blue button up by Obey. My khaki pants are from Zara, belt from SM Accessories and lastly my boots once again by Sebago.


  1. its great you update your blog everyday!
    hello robbie! : )

    Can you get anymore gwapo-er? haha!
    is that even a Word? LOL!

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  3. everyday i read your blogs ..i really like the accessories,the clothes and most specially the SHOES ;p

  4. i love your blogs cause it's very simple but entertaining ......by the way i am buddy layno

  5. loving your blog, keep it up, as always!

  6. your ideas and outlooks of happy living definitely adds the beauty of mens fashion you featured every now and then. Great job dude!