Pico De Loro P2

As you may have noticed, I'm quite the sando fan at the moment. Of course, it is appropriate to wear a sando at the beach, but obviously be aware about the singlet tan! My sando was purchased from American Apparel online and my blue shorts are from Arvust. Haha I love these shorts but unfortunately im starting to grow out of them.

 Haha don't judge the body! Post Holy Week training has already commenced! 

Lastly this photo was taken on the journey back to Makati. The scenic view of the hinterland was breathtaking. It showed a completely different side of the Philippines, a sight that somewhat resembled the surrounding of Australia and in particular the 'Glasshouse Mountains' back in Queensland where I grew up.


  1. robbie, you're so cute! : )

  2. You're a certified hottie!