Yahoo OMG Press Launch

It's that time of the year again for Yahoo as they acknowledge its most trending celebrities of the year, with the Yahoo OMG Awards! For those who are not yet aware and curious, the Yahoo OMG Awards recognizes this year's most web-searched and trending celebrities via none other than Whether it be for 'Best Actor of the Year' to 'Best Movie of the Year', this is one awards night worth checking out. 

At first I thought this will be just another, same-old awards ceremony, until I was like "wow! this is going to be a tough decision!" This time Yahoo have also decided to spice things up, introducing new categories such as 'Best Radio DJ's', 'It Couple of the Year' and many more. The event will be taken place in the Mall of Asia Area, so better get your tickets fast.

JM Rodriguez hosting the Yahoo OMG Awards press release. Always knows how to warm the crowd up. Good bloke!

The blogger crew for the day: Laureen Uy, Patricia Prieto, Nicole Anderson & Lissa Kahayon.

And yes there's always time for fun, trippy photography - just to make sure I leaving the event with satisfied photos. I always make it a priority to take the best photos I can, so if ever I receive bad feedback, I'll be able to pinpoint what I could have done better.

Here's a preview of the nominees for Yahoo's most trending stars, and was I right when I said its going to be a tough decision for the judges? You're welcome to check out more via


  1. its was easy to predict. i just voted last week and i'm glad the leading were my bets.

  2. hmmm
    i'd go with
    gerald- anne
    sam- dolphy
    gloc- julia anne