Unsurpassed Elements

What I'm wearing: Tommy Hilfiger button down (Ukay, thrifted), Industrie grey tee, ASOS green pants, socks  accessories from SM Accessories, Topman backpack and Chuck Canvas Boxfresh Shoes

Another rainy day in the Philippines is another opportunity for grungy street photography. I left the house wanting to wear my favorite colors and this is what I manage to put together: simple but more importantly, identical color tones. I see many people wear all shades of various colors but the tones are completely opposite and a lot of the times it doesn't look right. I guess its not a big deal when it comes to everyday outfits but when I see the people get it right, the clothes look awesome. 

After receiving positive feedback on my thrifted army jacket, I knew I had to refashion the brown leather elbow patched Tommy Hilfiger button down. Let me remind you that it only cost me 200pesos, plus another 100pesos for the laboring of the patches. So affordable and yet so effective - just make sure the tailor places the patch properly, unlike mine!


  1. I see how you're pissed with the misplaced patch but don't let it affect the whole outfit... I'm drawn by it anyway, so 10 points!!!!

  2. I don't know but there's something Manila about this outfit. Maybe it's the background

  3. Just found your fashion blog yesterday thru Laureen's. I like your style- mostly casual and sporty! And I even surprised you bought some of your apparel in Ukay ukay yet classy and you manage to wear it.

  4. Fabulous as usual! I love your photos and I'm just wondering what type of camera and lens you use :)

  5. You look hot even in your "fresh-out-of-bed" look. Carry on Mr. Hottie.

  6. Cool outfit! Btw, may i ask where do
    You get
    Your materials for your elbow patch detail?

  7. Casual but chic haha, love your style!


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