Casual Streetstyle Inspiration

Nothing beats the relaxing feel of when we wear casual street-wear for the day - may it be either going out to the mall, meeting up with friends or even a family dinner on a Sunday afternoon. There are so many ways to wear different pieces, you can easily put together within five minutes and come out with something so effective through color patterns and or accessories.

It's always cool to see how people put together different outfits that reflect on their personality's.
For example, the first image show's how this tanned gentleman has totally changed the perception of his look by changing a simple preppy outfit and made it look so much more interesting through the hairstyle.

Taking the focus of a trendy backpack and combing it with an outfit of similar colors making the overall look so awesome! Likewise with the next picture - mixing patterns with polkadots opens up new styling ideas.

It's hard to come across Filipinos with rugged features such as sleeve tattoo's or heavy facial hair but when paired up with preppy clothes, it very much so gives more of an interesting look overall. Something that the ladies would definitely admire.


  1. I think that men who are confident to embrace fashion but not go overboard is absolutely chic and we call them casual chic (too) :). I have a difficult time thinking of who of the modern man today who embodies the "casual chic". Do tell.

    I am a big fan of the "oldies" and I must say no body can surpass James Dean and Audrey Hepburn with regards to casual chic :). They are my style icons.

  2. These looks proved that you can be manly and fashionable at the same time :)

    1. I totally agree with you! I think B&T Direct could help big and tall men be fashionable as well.