Shades of Blue

Outfit: Zara blue jacket, plain white button down from Sahara, H&M pants, Aldo neck-tie (sale) and shoes from Topman.

Unfortunately due to a busy day, I didn't get the chance to shoot during the afternoon where I think this outfit would have looked best in the bright lights. I recently just purchased the jacket on sale at Zara which I'm so happy they had in my size. The color tone is just perfect and the lining of the material is of very fine quality. What's great about wearing blue like I have previously mentioned - is that it's more or so a relaxed version of black. The texture of blue gives many opportunities to work with different colors such as pastel colors to wear under the jacket. Nowadays, its really worth taking the time to spend the extra coin on buying a different colored jacket (other than black) just to add variety towards your entire outfit.


  1. Hi, Robbie! I really like the blue jacket and how you paired it with the necktie; good point on the pastel. Thanks for the tips and i will keep those in mind. Looking forward for your future tips! :)

  2. Love the whole look. The thing I like with Zara jackets or blazers are they tend to look tailored and well-fitted with an inexpensive price to boot.