Fashion Week 2013 Spring/Summer

Once again its time for the worlds top fashion designers to showcase their latest collections for the 2013 Spring/Summer Fashion Week. As we've reached the end of the season, the hype is now over, and its time to admire what our most renowned fashion designers have to display for the world. Browsing through different websites in search for these collections was a minor challenge, having so many designers to check out! Nonetheless, I took the time to eyeball everything and put together six photos from the most recognized designer brands which I guarantee you will be amazed with. Take in mind, each designer displayed a minimum of 18 outfits, and of course Louis Vuitton really stood out with 42 ensembles! Haha, as saying goes "quality over quantity", well I just dont think it applies in this case, respectively.

Of the outfits that I have put together from each collection, take in mind my sense of taste for practical, cute and colorful. As everyone has their own sense of style and taste, I do suggest if you have the time and check out everything that was showcased. 

Hermes 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Alexander McQueen 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Paul Smith 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Louis Vuitton 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Lanvin 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Issey Miyake 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Krissvanassche 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Dries Van Noten 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Balmain 2013 Spring/Summer Collection


  1. superb!! love paul smith's and lanvin's the most

  2. Did you see Ermenegildo Zegna's? It's nice too! :)

  3. out of the collections you've presented, Liked Balmain's the most! so Love Love Love d jackets and the neutral colors that were used! :-) Love the 3rd photo on top (L-R)!

  4. You should see Jil Sander Men’s Spring 2013. They we're cool and clean :)

  5. With your post I love Hermes the best, active sports wear meets casual chic. Only Hermes can transform sports wear into something very elegant. I love how Véronique Nichanian has re invented the t-shirt too.

  6. Balmain 2013 Spring/Summer Collection looks good... one of the Best collection