Original Penguin: A Ferris Wheel of Fun & Style

Contributing photography thanks to Ces Olondriz

Its was an amusing night full of fun and style as Original Penguin took the crowd on a fashion ferris wheel, filled with pastel tops, chalk-striped tanks and plaid button downs. With an inspired Coney Island feel, the stage design effortlessly grabbed everyone's attention within the vicinity of Greenbelt 5. Not only was I was lucky enough to be part of the fashion show, but I was also noted as one of the few personalities along with Xian Lim, Slater Young, Liz Uy & Raymond Gutierrez who were present. Aside from the signature penguin-labeled polo, Original Penguin have always had a strong reputation when it comes laidback smart-casual wear as their collections have been easy to mix and match. Now that seasons have changed, the new collection not only brings new flavor, but add more variety for this year's spring/summer.


  1. who is the tattooed guy?

  2. What is the name of the guy on the second picture? Wearing green polo.