Hinterland Escape

It's my second day back in Australia and I'm just loving the cool, breezy weather. I took a stroll down the park to catch a breath of fresh air and no doubt about it, nothing can beat the wildlife and atmosphere of where I am. Right now I'm currently in the city of Brisbane catching up with family and friends before going to Melbourne. Of course, I miss the company in the Philippines and haha the cost of living but a change of scenery always helps to refresh the mind and reflect on things. I'm really looking forward to going to Melbourne, of course simply because of the lifestyle - it's a multi cultural city known for its fine arts, wide selection of food and fashion trends. Stay posted!

What I'm wearing: H&M Chino Pants, Hickok belt from SM, blue denim button down by Arvust, Obey fedora hat, Emporio Armarni sports bag, Boxfresh shoes and holding a Fujifilm X100 Digital Camera

When it comes to winter fashion, its all about layering-up. It wasn't as cold for me at the time because I was hiking through the parks, but when it comes to early mornings I sometimes have to wear three layers! So this is just a small taste of what I packed for winter. Aside from the clothes I wanted to show you the Fujifilm X100 shown in the photos. It's a great travelling camera, light, compact and very fashionable with its vintage inspired design. Its my first time using this camera and I'll be taking it on my trip throughout my journey in Australia, so hopefully I'll have mastered it before the end of my vacation. 


  1. Oh my GOD!!! I wish I had a wand and make that camera come out of my monitor...

    Great shots Mr. Becroft, hungry for more! :)

  2. You can layer up all you want now! haha! in Pinas, it's way too hot to wear layers of clothes.
    Great choice of clothes, i noticed, you're wearing different shades of blue.
    The camera is cute! & I can tell its very convienient!

    Btw, who's taking your pictures? Are you using a tripod? Perhaps, Ms. Rowena? : )
    Please send her my hello!

    Enjoy your vacation! take care : )

  3. I wish this year for a stable winter in Bergen. Winters here are laden with storms and slick roads. Wearing or finding a fashionable outfit is almost next to none when it comes to that kind of weather.

  4. I love your look, Robbie!


  5. I love your camera! been contemplating on getting one myself! :)

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