Casual Country

Well lately my blog has turned into quite the travel blog since arriving to Australia. Haha apologies if I make a big deal that I'm in Australia, its been a long time since I've been here last. Last night I stayed overnight in a small town known as Parkes in New South Wales. A renowned town famous for the movie The Dish. It's about a massive radio telescope that helped NASA communicate with Neil Armstrong during the 1969 Apollo 11. 

Aside from that, the weather is cold early in the mornings reaching a temperature of 7 degrees celsius and below. I absolutely love the scenery where I am even though it's quite deserted. The feeling of being up early in the morning with no one on the road is an amazing feeling of freedom. As the scenery changes heading south, the landscape becomes more lush, seeing the grass turning greener and the trees having more life. It's only a few hours now till I reach the city of Melbourne so hopefully I'll have time to catch up with Jasmine Curtis!

What I'm wearing: Brown fedora hat from Active, grey Arvust tee, oversize Levis button down, brown Topman pants, Aldo sneakers and ORIS Seamaster Automatic watch.


  1. love it as always :)
    hi robbie just saw your SM accesories Spotted campaign and notice i have the same grey leather bag like you do have on the ad :))

  2. I love jasmine curtis as well as her sister