Wednesday Wear

Sorry for the lack of recent outfit posts guys. This bad weather, coupled with my schedule at the moment have contributed to this. Yesterday, as a bit of sun was peering through the clouds, I thought it would be a great time to take some snaps on my way to supper. Rather than wearing plain white, I chose to go with an orange shirt from Sahara and navy blue pants from H&M. I had picked these colors because I really liked how they work together, it's more of a relaxed version of a black and white business ensamble. And being able to still keep my preppy/vintage style, the moroon bow-tie and leather shoes blended in perfectly.

Watch & bow-tie from SM Accessories, shoes from Topman.


  1. I like the whole outfit :)

  2. it's so cool how you dress up so simple but look so fashionable. i will totally watch you in etcetera. it's a must. stay cool. ;)