Dressed Down

Topman pants, classic sports style blazer from Zara, Arvust plain white tee, Call it Spring shoes and watch from SM Accessories.

I love this blazer because it is so versatile. It can be worn at a formal occasion with a shirt or an informal occasion with a T-shirt, like I did here. The material is both cotton and polyester, but it gives a wool feel. The brown patches on the elbows really complement the pants and shoes.

Although there is a lot of brown here, I feel it blends well with the grey and white that I am wearing up top. The slip-ons also help to dress down the look, giving me more of a semi-formal look.


  1. Try and mix a bit of Camo into your next outfit!

  2. Hey why are you at smc?

  3. where did you buy your call it spring shoes? where's the location of the store?

  4. You are my ultimate Fashion inspiration, Rob. Please keep blogging.